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Titan Foundation Repair is your number one source in Denver for basement and foundation issues. Owned and family operated by Jonathan Free with experience fixing 1000’s of basements that allow water and moisture into your home.

We are the first company in Denver to professionally offer the popular repairs of epoxy injections on cracks and carbon fiber strapping to buckling walls. 


Call today for Free Estimates - honest answers and solutions to your concrete foundation problems.

    Veteran Owned & Operated


We service most residential homes and businesses across the state of Colorado including:

  • Denver County

  • Adams County

  • Arapahoe County

  • Douglas County

  • Jefferson County

  • Boulder County

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If you see a crack in your concrete foundation wall similar to photos on this site be sure to give us a call before water starts leaking in your basement. These concrete cracks in the wall are also common around the spots where water lines, well lines or sewer lines enter / leave the house. Whether you have a thin hairline crack, a wider crack, or you can’t see the concrete but suspect you have water, wet spots on the wall or moisture problems behind your basement wall, we have the proper solution for all these concrete stone and block crack problems.


Get timely repairs when you need them most. Stop leaks before they cause permanent damage to your home and belongings. Use Vapor Barriers on open dirt in Crawl Spaces to prevent mold, moisture, and must. We operate evenings and weekends in addition to regular business hours, to provide you utmost convenience and peace of mind throughout the repair process.

Our Services

Additional Benefits - Service you can trust in the place you call home



Basement  Waterproofing


Crawl Space Encapsulation


Leaking Foundation

Carbon Fiber Reinforcemnt

Epoxy Injections

Not sure what the cracks in your basement mean, how dangerous they might be to your home's foundation, or how much they may cost to repair? Schedule a free consultation today and receive honest answers to all your questions.

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If you’re looking for any of the services mentioned above, give us a call, or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.


Jonathan Free


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Home Inspectors and Real Estate Agents – If you want to team up with a local company that can provide fast, affordable concrete foundation crack repairs for your client's single family house, townhouse or commercial buildings, be sure to call Jonathan today.

Before you pay for expensive basement waterproofing services, give us a call

for an analysis of your water, moisture or concrete crack problem.

Office Phone: 720-315-5342

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